Chicago Blues Festival

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I will be attending for the first time in the hopes of running into Bob Riedy. Bob and I played rock in a group called The Corals in 1964/65. I know he is a legend on the Chicago blues scene.

  4. Bluesbreaker says:

    Yeah guys, tell the world about the blues !

  5. Geert De Backer says:

    Mooie site Frank. Deze foto’s geven mij wel zin om ooit eens naar ginder te reizen. Hou me op de hoogte hé.

  6. Lucy Joyvalle says:

    Hi Frank,
    this is awesome, hope to see many more pictures in the future. Blues music on your homepage, my kinda stuff ! Kind regards, Lucy.

  7. Sam Westfield says:

    Great site here and nice pictures. Well done!

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